Strength & Conditioning

Tennis training must incorporate strength and conditioning on a regular basis in order to develop aerobic and anaerobic capacity, strength and explosive power, speed and quickness and also flexibility. Most tennis players know how to hit ground strokes, but the player with more strength, power, quickness, stamina and flexibility will be the most successful.
At every level: professional, collegiate or juniors, one can tell that the best tennis players are usually the ones with the best fitness levels. It is therefore important to implement strength and conditioning programs that address muscle strength and endurance, along with explosive power, agility, and balance. We offer a program that covers the following types of training:
Strength Training – A type of progressive overload in which the player exercises against increased resistance. The goal is to develop increased strength and/or power.
Conditioning –Training the energy systems of the body to be able to produce and utilize energy more efficiently.
Movement Training – Specific drills and exercises designed to improve footwork, speed and the ability to change direction (agility) in ways that are important for tennis.
Functional Training – Strength exercises that are specifically designed to mimic tennis movements/skills and train the muscles in patterns that are used in tennis play.
Our program covers these four areas to facilitate optimum development of our junior players. Our agility, strength, and conditioning program is a vital part of our training process to produce top players.
If this is not part of your current training regimen, you should seriously consider adding it to your program. Talk to us on how we can work this into your current training program.